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Cockerham Village Hall Bookings

The Village Hall is a great space that can be hired in entirety or by the room. Please complete the booking form to complete your request.

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Cost per hour if organiser lives inside of Parish

Entire Parish Hall

Entire Parish Hall (more than 6 hours)

Wedding Booking

Main Hall + Bar Lounge + Kitchen

Side Room + Kitchen

Caravans (as part of an organised group)






£6 per unit + area of hall required

Cost per hour if organiser lives outside of Parish






£6 per unit + area of hall required


If you would like to request a booking to hire Cockerham Village Hall, please review the calendar and take the time to fill out the information below and we will contact you shortly. 

Cockerham Village Hall Bookings Calendar

Before making a booking please review the calendar to check if there any clashes. 

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